12 fun and quirky kitchen gadgets

Qualy_Animal_Parade_Seasoning_Set_ShakerAnimal Parade Spice Shaker Set. These shakers will bring nature right to your dining table. As you use the shakers and deplete the seasonings inside, the iconic shapes are revealed. Price: $41.92

Palette trivetHot Pot Holder Trivet Shaped As Wood Pallet.The wood hot pot trivet is 7.5 x 5 x 1 inch, which is an exact replica of its big version the Euro pallets, downsized 1:2.5. Price: $5.49

magic wine holderWater & Wood Magic Rope Wine Bottle Holder Rack. Magic wine bottle holder designed in a rope shape. Makes the wine bottle float ‘magically.’ Price: $6.18

shark-knife-sharpenerJaws Knife Sharpener. There are not a lot of things we would recommend sticking in the mouth of a shark, but we fully endorse the insertion of knives into the mouth of this clever sharpener from PROPAGANDA. $32

the nessie familyThe Nessie Family. All the Nessie family – Mamma, Nessie and Baby (colander, ladle and tea infuser) in one pack! Mythical time in the kitchen is guaranteed… $38.90

Babu- Toothpick Holder

Babu Toothpick Guru Holder. What a spiritual experience! This meditating guru will sit calmly on his modest chair of toothpicks, keeping them handy and ready for use. Price: $14.99

Astro Fruit & Veggie KeeperAstro – Fruit & veggie keeper. From a galaxy far far away comes Astro… He has been called on a special mission to help keep your half fruits and veggies fresh. Astro will easily fit in the space shuttle you have mistaken for a fridge! Price: $17.99

salad bowlSparrow Salad Bowl and Serving Spoons. Spread your wings and eat your greens! White Salad Bowl with two servers. Servers feature sparrow on handle and rest on the bowl’s lip. Price: $46.35alessi-salt-pepperAlessi Mr. & Mrs. Chin Salt and Pepper Set. This cute set from Alessi will brighten up any kitchen and dinner table. Price: $59.00

pols-potten-pineapple-jarPols Potten Pineapple Jar. Store your sweet treats in style with the Pineapple jar from Pols Potten. Made from glazed ceramic, this piece is the perfect addition to any kitchen; available in multi-pink or multi-red to suit personal preference. $69.00

jumbo-cutlery-drainerPeleg Design Jumbo Cutlery Drainer. The cutest way to dry your cutlery! Place Jumbo so his trunk hangs over the edge and the water drips into the sink. It collects the runoff water and directs it back into the sink, freeing up your counter space and keeping it dry. Price: $12.90

Qualy Polar Bear Ice BucketQualy Polar Bear Ice Bucket. This fascinating ice bucket is chic and stylish. Featuring a polar bear on an ice float at the bottom, the inner wall simulates a rain cloud hanging over its icy little island. As the ice inside the bucket melts, rain drops will fall inside your polar bears habitat. Price: $49.50