A 345-square-foot open-plan apartment spiced with a dash of privacy

Cloud Pen Studio designed this beautiful 345-square-foot/32-square-meter studio apartment, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The minuscule dwelling has an open-plan layout, but the designers created a morsel of bedroom intimacy by separating the bed from the rest of the apartment with a piece of modular furniture comprising a wardrobe closet and a bookcase.

cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-20 cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-21 cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-22cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-9cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-5cloudpenstudio@gmail.com2cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-23cloud-pen-studio-small-apartment-1Photos courtey of Cloud Pen Studio 

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