A space-saving bedside table for tiny dwellings

When Stephen Reiser couldn’t find find a suitable bedside table, that wouldn’t be in the way, he decided to create one. The result is Mobi, a bedside table that was created for people with limited space in their bedroom, as well as those who want something more unique than a standard bedside table. The young designer is right now seeking funding through Kickstarter where supporters can buy the clever bedside table. Prices start at $45.00


The table slides in between your mattress and box spring, which is how it is held in place.  It provides a shelf next to your bed for your cell phone, remote, magazines, etc.


Mobi also has an elegant cord maintenance solution cut into it.

Mobi-bedside-table-space-saving-1 Mobi-bedside-table-space-saving-5Use it under your couch cushion


Find more information on Mobi here


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