A wardrobe for a narrow hallway

Narrow hallways are a pain in the you know what, when it comes to storage, and they always end up looking kind of messy with shoes all over the place.  

Designers Anna Pach Rudnicka and Radosław Janowski have come up with a great wardrobe solution named “The Milky furniture.” The wardrobe is divided into two spaces, one for guests and one for yourself. You can hide your own section with the attached curtain. In the upper section you hang your coats, scarves and hats. In the lower section you place your shoes. The wardrobe leaves the floor free, making it easy to vacuum and mop it.   

wardrobe-narrow-corridors-1 wardrobe-narrow-corridors-2 wardrobe-narrow-corridors-3 wardrobe-narrow-corridors-4 

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