Belform raises the bar for student accommodation in Berlin

The German Interior Design and Fit-out company Belform has recently developed some amazing student apartments in Berlin. The goal was to create new homes for Berlin students that raise student accommodation to a new design level and set new standards. The design company wanted to unite all the aspects that are of importance in the everyday life of the students nowadays: Living, learning, partying – everything on 16-32sqm (172-345 ft2). The biggest challenge they had to solve was to develop an interior which is as long-lasting and hard-wearing as possible and at the same time is timelessly beautiful and simple. The future residents should have the possibility to integrate their own style easily. In order to achieve this they avoided “It-furniture” and set high value on functionality.

belform_flieaaestraaaee_w04 belform_flie%c6%92stra%c6%92e_w03belform_flieaaestraaaee_w06 belform_flieaaestraaaee_w10 belform_flie%c6%92stra%c6%92e_w02 belform_flieaaestraaaee_w13 belform_flieaaestraaaee_w14 belform_flieaaestraaaee_w15belform_flie%c6%92stra%c6%92e_wh19 belform_flieaaestraaaee_wh21 belform_flieaaestraaaee_wh22BelForm is designing and fitting out mirco-living and furnished accommodations with stylish, well-thought and modern interiors that make people instantly feel at home.


    1. p November 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm

      that bathroom definitely has no walls

    2. Sascha November 7, 2016 at 9:46 am

      I wish I’d be a student again 🙂


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