Built the ultimate man cave for $107

Dennis is an avid hunter and enjoys being surrounded by things that remind him of his hobby so he turned a small storage room under the stairs in his basement into the ultimate man cave, a 50’s-era log cabin replica. He only spent $107 on materials. Everything else he found for free. Many of the items in the cabin came from his grandparents and other family members, as well as hunts with his kids.


 The starting point 


Dennis used old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping. The boards after breaking apart were 1″ x 8″ x 12′ rough cut pine. He used a couple dozen of these, they were free!


Dennis used a draw knife to make each board look hand cut. 


The walls going up.


All the wall boards in place!


Stone going in for the fireplace. Dennis found these on the side of the road a year before he started the project.

man-cave-8 Center beam for the ceiling. One of the few pieces of lumber Dennis purchased. He aged it and stained it.


The table is all reclaimed wood and opens to hide some collectibles. He calls it his “table of contents”.


Same wood as the walls was used for the floor boards. He ripped them to 3″ wide then cut each with tongue and groove.


Faux columns that cover the steel floor supports, with a lock joint just for visual detail. 


Floor going in.

cabin-mancave-2 cabin-mancave-3

Exterior window is actually a photograph lit from behind. You can turn the light off to simulate night outside.


Many of the pieces of furniture, shelves and crates are handmade from aged and reclaimed wood.

cabin-mancave-5 cabin-mancave-6

 Dennis built the dry sink on the right from old wood he found. He built it with no exposed cuts so it would look like it was built 60+ years ago.


Fireplace is fake but made of real stone and reclaimed barn wood.  Dennis even put real ashes in there and real burn marks on the floor.


The flooring is glued together, but not to the concrete slab. It creaks and gives slightly like an old cabin floor really would.


Kitchen table. Note all pots etc have “burn” marks on them like they were heated above real fire.

cabin-mancave-13 cabin-mancave-14

The guns are all pellet or BB guns or rusty non-functioning guns. They’re just for show.  

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