Camp in your bedroom and lower your heating bill

Room in Room by iKamper is an indoor tent, designed to conserve heat and make your bed warm and comfortable during winter. The tent is specially designed to present the most efficient heat conserving winter supply and it conserves and circulates heat inside while blocking the cold air outside. Room in Room comes in different sizes that fit your bed/mattress, closing out every inch of space where cold air could come in.

room in room 1iKamper’s test shows that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of Room in Room is approximately 10 Fahrenheit and it could go even higher depending on how you use it. By using Room in Room, you can save money and environment at the same time. You can reduce carbon dioxide emission by turning off heaters and lowering thermostat at your home. Instead, use Room in Room to keep yourself warm and cozy during winter.

room in room 2

iKamper has calculated how much they estimate you could save on your next heating bill:



room in room 7 room in room 5With the integrated lap top stand inside, you have private work station inside the tent where you can do work, finish homework, type essays, and much more.

room in room 6By placing your mobile phone on the built-in phone stand, you can watch a movie in the most comfortable manner you can ever imagine. Just like the lap top stand, you can easily change the position of your smart phone. You can make the screen closer or further away from your face, change angle and direction of the screen, and touch control.

Ikamper has launched a Kickstarter funding campaign where you can buy a single size Room in Room for $70 and a double size Room in Room for $80. More info here.


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