The car hammock lets you sleep comfortably in your vehicle

Spur-of-the-moment road trips and random travels can land one in some awkward sleeping situations and spending $100+ dollars on a hotel room to get the rest needed to recharge is not ideal for the frugal traveller. So avid traveller Hanson Ely came up with The Car Hammock, a clever contraption that provides the security and comfort of one’s own vehicle without having to break the bank on a hotel room. The hammock is also a viable solution for the traveller that enjoys an alcoholic beverage and is smart enough to not drink and hammock attaches to your vehicle with a series of hooks, straps, and buckles. When setup, it suspends above the reclined seats and it’s strong enough to hold singles and couples alike. 

car-hammock-2The Car Hammock was designed to fit in any 4-Door sedan. However, some of the early users have found that it also fits on small/midsize SUVs with roof Car Hammock is priced at $64.


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