The designer’s small studio apartment features an ingenious loft bed packed with storage

When Studio Bazi’s designer Alireza Nemati set out to create a design for a 35 m2/377 ft2 apartment for him and his wife the main task was to create a comfortable open space plan with plenty of storage space and with access to natural light. So he decided to create a furniture system that would make the most of the existing space.

The wooden loft bed with built-in storage is placed in a corner of the apartment. It provides privacy by separating the sleeping quarters from the living area and the kitchen.

You have a great view of the apartment and the windows from the bed.

The staircase leading up to the sleep box has built-in drawers that can be used for storage.

A curtain separates the sleeping unit, kitchen and living zone from the entrance.

The wardrobe space slides out from underneath the bed.

The kitchen is decorated with handmade Iranian tiles.

By moving the sofa and extending the dining table, the small apartment easily accommodates up to ten dinner guests.

The ceramic tiles in the bathroom is by Baker


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