Dine and camp in a rotating garden pod

The Farmer’s Cottage Rotating Sphere Lounger is a new concept to the garden seating and resting environment, the rotating sphere lounger can be used for dining, relaxing, study and even a camping area, with the added advantage of rotation, to position the entrance into the sun or shade or out of a chilly wind!

garden-pod-7garden-pod-1The earthy, waterproof interior blends perfectly with the rustic outer timbers and contains a seat and height adjustable table. When lowered to the height of the seat, the table and seat together can be formed into a full circle to make a bed, comfortably covered with a full set of luxurious, 75mm thick cushion pads.

garden-pod-6 garden-pod-5

The rotating sphere lounger is made from laminated pine with UV protected polycarbonate tinted windows, protecting the inside from the elements, while allowing full, panoramic views. Mirror polished stainless steel louvres, above and below each window, reflect the surroundings and deflect heat, keeping the inside cooler in summer.garden-pod-4 garden-pod-3 garden-pod-2The whole assembly rotates on 6 sealed chromium bearings. These run on a galvanized angle iron track, which has a stainless steel ring to to keep it running smoothly.

All this fun comes at a price though. The pod is sold at the British department store John Lewis  for £8,699.00, that’s about $13,250

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