Every piece of furniture has more than one function in this 25 m2 apartment

This minimalistic 25 m2 apartment designed by Anton Medvedev is very space efficient. Every piece of furniture has more than one function and can easily be hidden away when it isn’t in use.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-1The kitchen is raised on to a platform which makes it possible to store the bed in a drawer under the kitchen. The dining table that alters as desk can be incorporated in a shelving system.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-2Pull the bed halfway out, toss some pillows on it and you have a sofa that also can be used as seats for dining.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-3 anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-4The kitchen can be separated from the rest of the apartment with a roll-down curtain

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-5The extendable dining table can double as a desk.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-6 anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-7The kitchen features a small dining space.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-8The kitchen cabinets are extra tall which maximizes storage space.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-9 anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-11The small hallway features a built-in wardrobe and a laundry nook with washing machine and dryer

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-12 anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-13The bathroom is small but very functional.

anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-15 anton-medvedev-studio-apartment-16
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