Five ways to add color to a bathroom

Neutral colors are a popular and safe pick for bathrooms but can often leave this key space looking a bit bland and boring. But this is not inevitable. A dash of color can go a long way and give your bathroom a new personality.

ikea-bathroom (1)
Colored tiles are classic and long-lasting but also one of the most expensive ways of decorating the bathroom. The furniture is from IKEA. 
Glass splashbacks and glass panels are another stylish way to revitalize your bathroom. And glass is very easy to keep clean. The bathroom depicted is from MyColourGlass.  
Let the textiles do the talking. The cheapest and easiest way to infuse color into your bathroom is by adding a vibrant shower curtain, bathmat and towels. This shower curtain is from Urban Outfitters. 
Wallpaper is another great way of giving your bathroom some character. If the idea of wallpapering the entire room seems overkill, why not go for a single accent wall? This gorgeous wallpaper is Bain De Minuit – Jais by Christian Lacroix at Designers Guild.  
Red can be the new white in bathtubs. Nowadays bathtubs are available in every color imaginable. Just be sure to select a color that will please you for a long time to come. This traditional cast iron bathtub is from C.P. Hart.


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