From outdated trailer to trendy tiny home

The two New Englanders Heather and Dana met in college and fell in love. A few months after graduation, they spent a month road tripping, and realized that all they needed fit into a single station wagon. So they decided to try out the tiny life. They went on the hunt for a camper they could convert into a tiny home.

dana“We decided that we would go for a newer, better kept model, so that we could focus on what we really cared about- converting it into a comfortable living space. On Craigslist, we found a trailer that stood out; a 2010 23 foot trailer. We took a look at it, and realized the potential it had. Later that day, the owner towed it to our apartment!”

travel-trailer-tiny-house-14But the Surveyor Travel Trailer wasn’t exactly decorated to Heather and Dana’s taste.“It was the classic wood veneer cabinetry and ugly wallpaper. It was livable for a weekend, and thankfully all of the appliances were in good shape. But we wanted more. We started out doing a couple small projects, and kept realizing new potential for this little place and ended up nearly redoing it all.”

travel-trailer-tiny-house-10Lots of fake wood and very dark interior

travel-trailer-tiny-house-13travel-trailer-tiny-house-12travel-trailer-tiny-house-1And the impressive result: The kitchen/dining room/living room


travel-trailer-tiny-house-3Most of the kitchen items are on display, which make them easy to access

travel-trailer-tiny-house-4One of the couple’s favorite features: Pegboard to hang all of their kitchen accessories.

travel-trailer-tiny-house-5Heather and Dana rarely watch TV, but instead use the screen to display their photos!

travel-trailer-tiny-house-6The bench, which has ample storage underneath, and folds out to be a bed

travel-trailer-tiny-house-7The desk is small but functional. It has enough room to do work, but not enough to permit clutter.

travel-trailer-tiny-house-8The young couple custom built the end of bed storage. Pine boards pull out, with lots of space underneath.

travel-trailer-tiny-house-9In the middle of the storage area, there’s a built-in outlet that also has USB ports.

travel-trailer-tiny-house-11The layout

Follow Heather and Dana’s adventures on their blog HD Adventuring


    1. tito sciuto December 2, 2015 at 8:51 am

      Vedr.: Evt. husbådomtale.
      På siten: kan du under: andre fartøjer finde en relativ nybygget husbåd betegnet: HH 2
      Men se selv efter……

    2. tito sciuto December 2, 2015 at 11:55 am

      Vedr.: evt. husbådomtale.
      På siten: er der under andre fartøjer
      en husbåd med betegnelsen: Hh2
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