Fun stackable bed from Speedoletto

Speedoletto is a cool stackable bed for children and grown-ups, a modern alternative to sofa beds, drawer beds, bunk beds or trundle beds. With its form of a stylised racing car, it fits especially well the grown-ups and teenagers bedrooms. It is perfect as extra bed in guest rooms or for those looking for space-gaining solutions in small bedrooms or small apartments.


Each line of Speedoletto has its purpose: the wheels allow the car beds to stack one on one without slipping laterally. The inclined lines at the front and rear provide room to handle the bed to move it or store it back. The horizontal line in between the wheels is lowered to allow the mattresses to “breathe”. So that the “racing car bed design” was born out of the functional requirements 


The stackable bed is made from finnish birch plywood issuing from certified sustainable forests. The panels are cut and assembled by fasteners specially designed for easy assembly and disassembly of the stack bed parts.


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