New company Homegrown Trailers launches sustainable travel trailer

When Corey Weathers, started taking his family camping he quickly realized that he was about the only one who could deal with pitching tents, sleeping on the wet ground, and the constant lack of privacy. So he sought out a solution. As a sustainability consultant, he had something very specific in mind – a trailer that he could pull with a small and efficient car or SUV, that was capable of being off-grid, that was comfortable with some key amenities, and most importantly, that was made with sustainable and healthy materials. When the market didn’t provide what he was looking for, he got creative and what emerged was a beautiful and classy travel trailer that his wife, his girls, and everyone they bumped into on the road fell in love with.homegrown-trailers-6 (2)

And so Homegrown Trailers was born. The company wants to introduce compact, environmentally conscious, and healthy living spaces for all types of people, including those who haven’t travelled in RVs before, so it will be possible to rent as well as buy their homegrown travel trailer.    Interior 2INTERIORInterior1

The trailer contains a number of exciting features:

Iconic teardrop shape with wood panelling

Attractive, comfortable interior design

100% solar-powered (with the future option for wind power)

Efficient LED lights and ENERGY STAR appliances

Full cook’s kitchen with induction cooktop and mini refrigerator

Sustainable materials and non-toxic chemicals

Clean, composting toilet

Hard-sided pop-top for extra headroom and ventilation

Lightweight and durable chassis and frame

Dimensions: 18’ x 7’4” x 6’9”

Approximately 2,000 lbs. dry weight and 3000 lbs. total capacity

Sleeps 4 people in one queen and two twin bunks

Homegrown+Trailers+CampingHomegrown+Trailers+AlpineTo help start production of their sustainable, handcrafted travel trailers they have just launched a crowdfunding campaign and associated perks includes prepaid rentals and purchases. Introductory price for the trailer is $25,995

Take the video tour