Icecap aerates and cools your room-temperature wine to cellar temp in seconds

Posted by Assia Awad

It can be difficult entertaining guests, if you have a small fridge, because you’re often faced with the tough decision:  do I want my food or my wine chilled? Enter British inventor Peter Provart. He used to find waiting for bottles of wine to chill in the fridge excruciating. One night, he tried using a sieve with some ice cubes in it and was pretty pleased with the results. And voilà! The idea for Icecap was uncorked.  Icecap is a handy chiller that aerates and cools your room-temperature wine to cellar temp in seconds.


Store it in the freezer. Keep Icecap in your freezer to activate the cooling coils within. When you’re ready to serve, it’ll be ready too. 


Put it on your glass. Place it on top of almost any glass or cup, then pour wine through its funnel to aerate and cool. Voila!


Chill as you fill. Icecap cools any beverage by up to 10 °C/20 °F in seconds. In addition to wine, try it with beer, spirits, sports drinks, and more.

The Icecap is sold at Quirky. Price: $34.99

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