IKEA’s chainless bicycle is now available in the US

IKEA’s much hyped new creation, the SLADDA bicycle, is now for sale in the US. The bicycle comes flat-packed and requires some assembly of course (it is IKEA), but once the bike is put together it should be very low maintenance.

This bicycle is powered by a belt drive, which is a rustproof, durable and maintenance-free alternative to a regular chain. The automatic 2-gear system is integrated into the rear hub, so there are no wires that rust or break.

SLADDA also boasts a click-in system for accessories such as front and back racks, and a bike bag that can be transformed into a backpack.

The bicycle was created in partnership with Oskar Juhlin, Jan Puranen and Kristian Eke of Veryday design studio and it has been  awarded ‘Best of the Best’ in the Product Design category of the Red Dot design awards, the top prize reserved for ground-breaking new designs.

There is also a practical trailer developed to solve heavy transportation needs, as well as helmets, a U-lock and pump.

The regular price for the SLADDA bicycle is $499.00 while the price for IKEA FAMILY member is $399.00. The SLADDA Bicycle trailer clocks in at $169.00 and the IKEA FAMILY member price is $129.00.


    1. Jill January 17, 2017 at 12:05 pm

      It’s “avaliable”? Let me know when it’s available.

    2. TomLeeM January 18, 2017 at 12:25 am

      I think that is really nice. I like how it uses a belt instead of a chain.


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