Innovative storage for small spaces and high places

SkyPod is an innovative and aesthetic storage system that puts wasted wall space to good use. The storage cabinet opens vertically and two shelves drop down to give you arm’s reach access and make use of space that would otherwise be unused.


SkyPod glides down smoothly over a cushion of air to reveal the contents you need, and its doorless design allows easy access to the items. SkyPod keeps your things out of sight until you need them again, while decorating your wall space like a picture frame with beautiful artwork. The cabinet is easily opened by pressing at the bottom which will lower down the shelves to shoulder level (depending on mounting height). 

skypod-2 skypod-3 skypod-4 skypod-5 skypod-6

SkyPod Solids Collection is available in 4 colors: Black, Azure (Sky blue), Fall (Orange) and Pink.  


Or upgrade to the print collection


Or customize with your favorite photo 


SkyPod was created by two software engineers, Boban Jose and Kiran Bhogadi, who share a passion for creative solutions to everyday problems. Having personally experienced the challenges of efficiently using and decorating small areas of their homes, they were unable to find an existing solution in the market. Boban & Kiran set out to design a product to help everyone who wants to maximize storage in small spaces in an aesthetically pleasing way. The two engineers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the storage cabinet, and you can also preorder the SkyPod from their Kickstarter Page. Prices start at $55.00 

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