Make the most of your walls with these 17 trendy storage ideas

Give your walls a stylish makeover and free up some valuable floor space at the same time. I’ve curated 17 of the most trendy wall storage options right now, so let the inspiration begin!


Suburbia Wall Storage ($358.23). Suburbia is a clever interpretation of the classic wall storage unit. When Suburbia is laid flat on a table or shelf, the architecture of small neighborhood complete with homes, fences, trees, and even a swimming pool emerges. Hang it on the wall and each building becomes a storage compartment, the trees become hooks, the swimming pool becomes a mirror and a paper clip and small cork memo board are revealed. This useful and versatile unit can find a home for all the sundries in kitchens, bathrooms and offices.


Wall mounted storage shelf. ($129.00). Smart option for small space lodgings. Peach lacquered modular nightstand floats a flip-down door to keep floor space open.


Wallpockets ($40.00). Create a textural kaleidoscope on your wall with Wallpockets, functional storage that doubles as art. Inspired by clusters of barnacles, they add a 3-D element to any space and are especially useful in apartments. Thanks to their adhesive tabs, no additional hardware or glue is required to put them up.



Plank shelf ($30.00). If you’ve ever found yourself heading out the door only to realize you’ve misplaced your keys, wallet, or sunglasses, Plank by iLoveHandles has a smart solution for you. Install this small floating shelf with magnetic underside and keep all your essentials together in one place, ready to go when you are. Don’t worry; the magnet does not affect anything placed on the shelf.


Haute pocket (from $19.95). Modern in matte white, iron wall pocket collects mail in the entry or supplies and notes in the office. Refined industrial form is rounded at the base in an organic rectangle. Easy to mount with included hardware. Make it a trio with revere silver and gold wall mounted storage.


Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage ($100.00). Store and display your bicycle with style and clear up some floor space while you’re at it. An attractive and simple locking mechanism mounts your favorite vehicle to an interior wall space. Available in a variety of colors. Additional storage located within the cup-shaped storage unit. Winner of multiple design awards.


Strap. ($31.05.) The design of the Strap gives the ordinary bike strap a new function in the home. Books, magazines, toys and other objects can be stored behind the colorful rubber belts of the Strap. Hang the Strap by itself or group several together for larger items you want to hang. Available in five colors: Anthracite, White, Red, Green or Blue.


Corniche Wall Shelf ($80.00 – $130.00). Sculptural shelves from Vitra.


Wall pockets ($8.95 each). Handcrafted in powdercoated iron, geometric pocket pops 3D on the wall to contain doodads and smalls. Stash keys and mail in the entry, pens and pencils in the office, reading glasses and remotes in the living room.


Copper Magazine Rack. ($325.00). Handmade wall storage rack.


Wire Mesh Storage – Wall Organizer ($129). Stylish and utilitarian. This Wire Mesh Wall Organizer is crafted from durable, rust-proof stainless steel. Use it to eliminate clutter and keep your odds and ends easy to find.


Umbra Cubist Wall Shelf ($63.00). Add practical yet stylish design to the home with this chic Cubist shelf from Umbra. In an elegant black colour this shelf is perfect for use as a wall mount or floor display. With a quirky wire shelf structure, the design is finished with a wooden cup featuring a plastic liner, perfect for holding a potted plant or stationery.


Mid-Century Shelf ($99.00). Simple, sophisticated storage. Inspired by American modern design, this Mid-Century Shelf mixes a warm walnut finish with retro metal hardware. Available in two sizes, use it to display your glassware and bar tools.

Locust Wooden Circle Wall Shelf

Locust Wooden Circle Wall Shelf ($129.00). Circular wall shelf fitted with shelves in antiqued wood, from 4040 Locust. Perfect for all your little plants, books and curiosities.


Grid magazine storage ($29.95). Elevate magazines to a slick new level. Powdercoated with a slick copper finish, iron wire grid basket mounts to the wall with exaggerated hardware for modern effect. Holds coffee table reading in the living room, or scarves, mail, dog leashes and odds and ends in the entry. Make a graphic statement with multiples.

tree-shelfTree Shelf ($95.00). A great book takes root and stays with us as we walk through life. Celebrate the works that have shaped you with this sleek shelf, perfect for displaying treasured hardcovers and inspired trinkets. Cut from steel and then welded, this silhouetted design is finished in hammered black, creating the shadowy look of a tree in a dark forest.


Wall Wine Bar ($289.99). This space-saving, Space Age wine bar is a wall mounted station for your wine and essential accoutrements. Made from durable pressed steel, the bar incorporates storage for six bottles of wine, a rack for six glasses, and shelves for linens, bottle openers, and anything you want to keep handy for the perfect pour. Each of these storage and display elements is incorporated into the hemispherical design for a streamlined, minimalist appeal that will coordinate with any decor.


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