Minimalistic guest house blends beautifully with the natural surroundings

This minimalistic 172-square-foot/16-square-meter guest house by Danish architect Martin Kallesø is situated in a large summer cottage area in Præstø on the southeast coast of the island of Sjælland in Denmark.

martin-kallesoe-guest-house-4The area has many new traditional summer cottages that are often constructed in timber, as is also the case with this tiny guest house. The objective was to add some extra space to an existing summer cottage and thereby acquire additional living space.martin-kallesoe-guest-house-9The new space differs from the surrounding traditional summer cottages, since it is more asymmetrical and thus the result of a design  process that relates to the characteristics of the site. The element that links the new guest house to the surrounding summer cottages is the black painted wood on the façades and the wooden panels in the interior. The guest house is positioned in the northwestern corner of the lot and consists of an irregular black painted wooden box, which has been shaped based on the proximity of the neighboring summer cottages and the client’s wish for privacy.martin-kallesoe-guest-house-8A large old ash tree nearby defines the location. This has resulted in a characteristic large bay, which also functions as a sitting niche or simply a place for relaxing and reading.martin-kallesoe-guest-house-6The small space is large enough to contain a double bed as well as a built-in wardrobe. The interior floor, ceiling and the walls are all covered with matt veneer sheets in a warm wooden color.

martin-kallesoe-guest-house-3The roof is slightly tilted to the one side and includes a westward window facing the sky.

martin-kallesoe-guest-house-2 martin-kallesoe-guest-house-5Because of the angular placement and the neighboring houses, the façades of the building towards north and west appear completely closed. The building is covered with black painted larchwood, and all door and window details are made of black painted wooden frames.

Photos courtesy of Martin Kallesø Arkitekter


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