Multi-functional loft transforms a small condo into a dynamic space

In the heart of urban San Francisco, a multi-functional loft transforms a small condo into a dynamic space. Custom designed by ICOSAPeter Suen and pre-fabricated, this project combines a guest bed, dining room, full-size closet, spacious bedroom, and dynamic work are into one compact loft.

PeterSuenLoft1 PeterSuenLoft2 PeterSuenLoft3 PeterSuenLoft5 PeterSuenLoft6 PeterSuenLoft7 PeterSuenLoft8 PeterSuenLoft9 PeterSuenLoft10 PeterSuenLoft11 PeterSuenLoft12 PeterSuenLoft13 PeterSuenLoft16 PeterSuenLoft17

Designer: ICOSAPeter Suen
Fabricator: DEKA
Client: Peter & Nicole Wang
Location: San Francisco Financial District
Photographs: Brian Flaherty