New ultra-light camper trailer with Lego-like modular interior

The company Happier Camper is in the process of launching their very own modern ultra-light fiberglass trailers with intelligent and classic design to fit the needs and spirit of today’s adventurers and families. Final refinements to the design are being made, so the trailer in the photos is a prototype, a very good-looking one in my humble opinion. The trailer features a vintage-inspired exterior design with eye pleasing rounded edges; classic car inspired beveled wheel flares and taillights, combined with modern functions, and customized utilities. 


The interior is comprised of custom designed fiberglass modular cubes that can be used as indoor and outdoor furniture and reconfigured to fit the users changing needs. There is no limit to the ways the modular interior can be used inside the trailer as well as brought to the outdoors as furniture and storage. The trailer can be reconfigured in a snap for a variety of uses. Sleep up to 5 persons with single, double or queen size beds, storage, hauling, cooking and commercial uses, the possibilities are endless.

happier-camper-22 happier-camper-10

The shell is made of 100% high quality fiberglass with a colored gel coat of your choice. The shell and modular cubes are lightweight and can last for generations. The fiberglass shell and cubes are strong enough to withstand multi-purpose use, harsh environments, and maintains a leak-proof comfortable temperature inside. It weighs just 1100 LBS and can easily be pulled with most small cars.

Price of the HC1 will start at $13,950 for the basic hauler, and go up from there based on options.


Learn more about this little camper here

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    1. Debra VS May 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm

      Pretty close to perfect for me. Too bad they’re in the U.K.

    2. Assia May 11, 2015 at 5:46 pm

      They’re located in LA


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