Nordic christmas decorations from Danish florist Lars Jon

The very talented Danish florist Lars Jon has recently published the book “Nordisk jul” (Nordic Christmas). In it he presents his amazing work that is as elegant as it is minimalistic. 

Lars Jon wants to inspire his readers to bring the beauty of nature into their home, because the woods are filled with great (and free) materials you can use to make wonderful Christmas decorations.    

Den_store_gave_convertedThis impressive bowl is filled with white roses, green apples, tiny paradise apples, moss, juniper, St. John’s worts, houseleeks, lichen covered branches, larch cones, a leather cord and silver glitter.


This bouquet is quite easy to make and consists of small white roses, open and closed pinecones, snowberry on long stalks, wild carrot seed heads, scabiosa seed heads, larch cones, juniper, noble fir and  silver dust 


These beautiful cones are made of old book pages, pine needles, silver dust, floral water tubes and small flowers.   

nature-christmas-decoration nature-christmas-decorationLars Jon has worked with flowers for 20 years and is co-owner of the floral shop “Blomsten by ILSE JACOBSEN,” where he creates bouquets and decorations for all of North Zealand and Copenhagen. 

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