Old Jerry Cans repurposed into trendy bathroom cabinets

 The company Danish Fuel converts old Jerry Cans into wall-mounted bar cabinets and bathroom cabinets with shelves of wood inside.

A “Jerry Can” is a German invention that originates from World War One (WW2). Back then the English referred to the Germans as “Jerries” – hence the name “Jerry Can”. The coloring of the cans were unique in the sense that it was based on their specific use, cf. Red = gasoline, Yellow = diesel, Blue = petrol, and light blue = water.


 Furthermore, the design of a “Jerry Can” was well thought through as it had three handles in order to make the handling of the cans more convenient at all times even though faced with different handling situations – the two outer handles were useful when two people had to carry the can, where in contrast the inner handle came in handy when one person had to carry the can by himself.



Price: €399 (that’s about $552)

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