Old school bus was converted into a serene holiday home in Nairobi

The Brandy Bus is a charming old double-decker school bus that Karen Foster saved from getting twisted into scrap metal. The bus had sat unused in a friend of Karen Foster granddad’s garden for over 30 years. When he passed away, Karen brought it to her parent’s garden in the suburbs of Karen, Nairobi and turned it into her tiny dream home.

At the moment the bus is being rented out as a holiday home at Airbnb, while Karen is living abroad, so if you’re visiting Kenya’s capital, you can actually stay in the Brandy Bus.

The Bus is close to many tourist attractions. Among them are an irresistible elephant orphanage, the ground zero for the Rothschild’s giraffe (where you get to kiss a giraffe, if you’re lucky) and the Danish writer Karen Blixen’s former home.


renovated-bus-1Outdoor seating and fireplace.


renovated-bus-5There are two double beds upstairs and two small single beds downstairs that also serve as sofas.



renovated-bus-9 Kitchen with fridge, microwave and 2 ring gas burner

renovated-bus-10 No matter where you find yourself on the little bus, there are great views of the outdoors through the many windows lining the walls.


renovated-bus-13As a guest you get to experience the tree hyraxes calling to each other at night, a sound that can be quite intimidating the first time you hear it but they are actually just cute little animals that look like a hamster. Sometimes you can also hear hyena as well.



renovated-bus-16You can rent Brandy for £64 per night (that’s about $83), but If you are an artist, carpenter, gardener etc and have any ideas on how to improve the bus, Karen Foster would love to hear them, as she is very interested in exchanging free nights at the bus for any work you may be able to contribute to making the space even more amazing.


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