Optical illusion chairs pay homage to iconic design

Designer Benoît Convers has created three exciting chairs for the French company IbrideViewed from a certain angle, each one of these chairs takes on the shape of an emblematic armchair in the history of design. But once one move around them, their original silhouette is obliterated.
Our sense of reference becomes blurred, a visual spectacle is revealed, where armrests, rungs and backs, entwine. This graphic interlacing plays at perturbing our senses, reversing the initial simplicity of the image into a complex sculptural object. What we have here, is in fact, an anamorphosis stemming from a precise viewpoint; when one is three quarters behind, one is at the point from which the illusion is at its utmost. And the second surprise is that one does not sit on the seat originally perceived. One must continue to walk around the chair in order to sit down.
Material: Beech plywood.
Dimensions: H100x60x60 cm.
Price: 2300 euros.

The Hidden Terencere interprets an armchair from the Ming dynasty with its basic curves and its archetypal horse-shoe back.

The Hidden Shakermodel is a reference to the emblematic chair of the Shaker movement and its refusal of all adornment.
The Hidden Wagnerchair is inspired by creations of the Austrian architect, Otto Wagner, at the dawn of the modern movement.
Photos courtesy of Ibride
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