RockPaperRobot launches transformable chair

Brooklyn-based kinetic furniture company RockPaperRobot launches its first seating product today on Kickstarter. The Ollie Chair is a transformable seat that unfurls with a flourish and retracts with a simple pull of a string. ollie-chair

RPR OllieChair-GradientThe chair’s tambour seating surface is made of connected wooden slats that allow the chair to magically morph between seated and flat profiles.The Ollie Chair retracts instantly to under 2 inches for efficient, low-profile storage. It can also be hung flat on a wall for an elegant alternative storing solution.

RPR_chair_4415The artistic design and wood type of Ollie’s seating surface can be customized to suit individual preferences as well as branding initiatives. The seating surface is also interchangeable and can be easily swapped to fit the occasion or for maintenance. The expected retail price will be $450 but during the Kickstarter campaign you can purchase the chair for $275.


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