Seven folding chairs that actually look good

Folding chairs are super practical but very rarely easy on the eye. So I went on a quest to find some really beautiful folding chairs and behold: I succeeded. Check out these stunners!


FLÄPPS from Ambivalenz is a mere 20 mm flat and the beautiful art-prints make the chairs fashionable decorative objects even when folded. Easy to open and easy to close with a single snap.Price: 285,00€. Find it here 


The Label Chair by La Firme was launched in November 2011 at the Montreal International Documentary Festival. Design wise, the chair is a pure beauty with its sleek label look. Price: approx. $352.00. Find it here.


Pantone padded folding chairs add a spark of colour to your home.  Price $ 75.00. Find it here 


Proppy is a three legged folding chair with shaped seat and adjusting back rest from Tandem Studio. Available in beech and oak. Prices start at £225. Find it here


Design by Alberto Meda. Made in Italy by Kartell. Honeycomb is a light and easy-to-use folding chair. The transparent or mass-tinted polycarbonate backrest and seat are set atop an aluminum frame. The refinement of the structured textured surface, divided into hexagonal honeycomb modules, confers on this chair not only the aesthetics of three-dimensional decoration, but functionality, lightness and ergonomy as well. This versatile chair is perfect for outdoors and small spaces. Folds to just 2.8″ wide for easy portability and storage. Price: $380.00. Find it here 


The hanger chair mimics one of the ultimate storage systems– the modest hanger. When not in use, it hangs and stows in a compact, orderly fashion. Unfold and seat guests just as fashionably. Available in marine, grey, yellow, black, and coral. Price: $250.00. Find it here

The VIC chair is inspired by interlocking burr puzzles. It consists of 6 plywood elements. All parts stay together without the need of glue and nails. Price: €140.00. Find it here

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