Small and colourful studio apartment in Montmartre

This beautiful studio apartment has a fantastic location as it can be found right in the heart of Montmartre. The studio has been renovated by interior designer Marion Alberge and the 270 ft2/ 25m2 space has been turned into a cosy and colourful rental for tourists to enjoy.montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-1Marion Alberge has provided a space which has both a Scandinavian look and a bright feel using a mustard yellow wall. The living room is both warm and welcoming and the colour of the linen curtains and wallpaper fittings helps with this cosy atmosphere immensely.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-2 Thanks to large windows, your apartment will feel light and bright at all times of the day. Yellow curtains add a homely touch too. This studio has a very compact feel with a kitchen in one corner of the room which is large enough for everything you need yet still out of the way. There is even a great place for you to sit down and enjoy dinner or a glass of wine.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-3 The simple, comfortable table and chairs are perfect for the space and being close to the kitchen means guests can converse while you cook. The light fittings provide an option for when it is growing dark outside and the blue lamp shade adds to the homely feel. Interesting and colour coordinated pictures are used throughout the apartment and help to make the studio feel cosy.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-7The kitchen is large enough for anyone who enjoys cooking delicious meals with fresh and local food bought in Montmartre. The wood and the white work well here to create a comfortable atmosphere and tiles provide a beautiful yet easily cleaned look to the kitchen.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-4 Comfortable grey and blue living room chairs work perfectly for the Scandinavian theme and tie in beautifully with the mustard yellow wall. These also work very well along with the wall decorations which bring a vintage touch to the whole studio. The overall look is both quirky and simplistic, giving you a great place to sit down and relax after a long day in Paris.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-5 Brilliant storage is provided so you are able to have a space which is uncluttered. Shelves are used in unobtrusive places in this studio and you are able to keep everything you need neatly stored away. Patterned yellow wallpaper was used to create an interesting background for white shelves to pop out from. Everything you need, from books to accessories, can be stored here.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-6One of the best aspects of this studio is the gorgeous ceiling to floor windows which bathe your apartment in natural light. White and yellow curtains have been used to continue with the theme of the studio and you will even find that the pieces used, including the TV stand, bring a vintage touch to the whole place.

montmartre-marion-alberge-studio-appartment-8 The bathroom is also bright and modern, alike the rest of the studio. It has been decorated with a white and grey colour scheme and makes everything feel clean. The shower is a perfect size and the design allows for everything in the room to fit well in a compact and neat space.


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