Small Swedish studio apartment elegantly combines loft bed and book shelves

This charming studio apartment is located Stockholm, Sweden. The 29m2/312 ft2 home has an incredibly light and airy feel to it. The white walls, green plants, neutral furniture and thoughtful pops of color in the accessories create a welcoming living space. The lofted bed attached to the ceiling frees up considerable space for a cozy living room set up — and, bonus! the bed frame  also serves as a book case (we all know how much space our most dearly loved tomes can take up).


The sign of a true aesthetician: colour-coordinated books. The brightly colored books add a bit of necessary cheer to the otherwise neutral color palette in the living room area.


By using two small nesting tables as a coffee table, you’re able to either maximize floor space, by bunking them or maximize table space, by situating them side by side. They’re lightweight, easy to move and fit in with the environment.


The large cut out window between the kitchen and living room contributes to the airy feeling of the space, making both rooms feel bigger than they are. This opening is also helpful for those evenings you’re entertaining – you can continue to prepare your meal while still chatting with your guests, who are sitting comfortably in the living room. 


tiny-swedish-apartment-5 tiny-swedish-apartment-6

The kitchen is a cheerful, cozy little spot. The room is mostly white with pops of light colours in the blue chairs, yellow lamp and patterned textiles. Once again, this formula is a great way of making a small room seem much bigger.

tiny-swedish-apartment-7 tiny-swedish-apartment-8 tiny-swedish-apartment-9 tiny-swedish-apartment-10

The hallway

tiny-swedish-apartment-11 tiny-swedish-apartment-12

The rumors are true: Scandinavians LOVE white (have you not noticed?). The bathroom is simple, clean and functional – exactly what you would hope your bathroom to be. The fixtures, open shower plumbing and ground floor shower stall with unobtrusive curtain lends a modern, fresh vibe. Function doesn’t have to override form if you pay attention to the details!

The apartment is right now for sale at Joakim Ohlsson/Svenska Maklarhuset where the asking price is 1 795 000 kr,, which translates to roughly $215.352.  

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