Spend the night at Hogwarts. Well sort of…

The London hotel The Georgian House that has been in operation since 1851 has turned two of its room into Hogwarts-themed “Wizard’s Chambers.” The chambers have been created to transport the guest to the world of Harry Potter, and they have a gothic feel with 4 poster beds, potion bottles and cauldrons, and unexpected wizardly details. The rooms come complete with battered trunks, spell books and even study tables.

You may need to visit The Gringotts Wizarding Bank before your stay, because a night for two in the Wizard Chambers including breakfast, Muggle and Studio Tour tickets, will set you back approx. $584. To simply stay in the Wizard Chambers for a night with breakfast will run you approx.  $336 for two. But don’t worry, the London hotel doesn’t serve bogey flavoured Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, instead you’re treated to a full English breakfast.

harry-potter-hotel-room-georgian-house-1 harry-potter-hotel-room-georgian-house-2 harry-potter-hotel-room-georgian-house-3 harry-potter-hotel-room-georgian-house-4

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