Swedish cabin with roof top garden and retractable outdoor kitchen

The Swedish company Jabo has launched “Steps 15,” a small prefab house with a lot of ingenious features. The outdoor staircase that leads up to the roof terrace has plant containers and hides a retractable outdoor kitchen.  On the opposite side is placed a small storage room and a bench that also conceals storage. Large sliding glass doors and windows on three sides make this a very contemporary guest house, hobby room or cabin. “Steps 15” is designed by architect Rahel Belatchew Lerdell.





swedisk-cabin-21 swedish-cabin-23 swedish-cabin-22 swedish-cabin-6 swedish-cabin-10

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  1. @ Larry. I have asked Jabo and they said, they have no plans for America right now
    @Angela. Unfortunately there isn’t any photos of the inside 🙁

  2. @Angela, I suspect that the inside is simply a room. I’m guessing you could install a tiny bathroom since water is somehow plumbed to the retractable kitchen.

  3. Curious to know cost of this creation? Would be very interested in something like this for an office setting versus a residence.


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