Take your standing cardboard desk with you

Sitting has been called ”the new smoking” because several studies point to the health risks of too much sitting. So a standing desk is a great choice because is it will improve your health and could save your life. As a bonus you will have more energy, be more productive and it will aid collaboration and engagement.

The company Refold has created a cardboard standing desk, that is flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable.

This desk folds into a lightweight, compact carry case, allowing you to work wherever you want. Weighing only 6.5kg’s the design adds a new dimension to hot desking and fluid workspaces. 

Or why not use it at home? When you’re finished working, you can slide it under you bed or hang it on your wall!

Price: Approx.: $125 USD

refold-standing-desk-cardboard-1 refold-standing-desk-cardboard-2

The desk is designed to take everything you can throw at it, and then some. Capable of holding the weight of a person and made using durable 7mm thick, twin cushion, kraft cardboard.

refold-standing-desk-cardboard-3 refold-standing-desk-cardboard-4 refold-standing-desk-cardboard-5

The design folds and slots together in less than 2 minutes, using four main pieces, with no tape or glue.

refold-standing-desk-cardboard-6 refold-standing-desk-cardboard-7


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