The architect Cyril Rheims’ 485 ft2 loft is a colourful stroke of genius

I’m a big fan of the French architect Cyril Rheims, who has specialized in renovating small apartments.  He’s great at creating extremely functional living spaces and is not afraid of using lots of colours. His own home is a 485 ft2/ 45 m2 open-concept loft that he shares with his wife Stephanie and daughter Maya.


The architect has created an abundance of storage by placing the bedroom and the bathroom on a platform 31 inches /80 cm above ground.



Cyril Rheims often uses furniture with multiple functions. Like the staircase leading to the bedroom. It consists of simple cubes that also functions as storage and can be used as seating.

cyril-rheims-small-apartment-paris-4cyrilThe French architect loves to play with transparent materials, but when needed the blackout blinds ensure privacy.    


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