The Barefoot Caravan is stylish luxury in a neat little package

A caravan or camper trailer is a common way for people to go vacationing without having to camp in a tent or book accommodations. Going on a caravan holiday is a great way to tour outside of urban areas while still having modern amenities such as beds, electricity, showers, and food preparation areas. Caravans are great for people who want to enjoy nature, music festivals and more without being forced to “rough it” completely. They’re a perfect compromise for those of us who want a little adventure, but really would prefer not to go without a regular shower or a hot sit-down

However, caravans are not without their faults. Large, bulky caravans can be hard on your car, and hard on your wallet, as they require a lot of fuel to tow. On top of that, most people would hardly call a caravan tour stylish, or luxurious, and the cramped accommodations of a smaller trailer can often be uncomfortable. The creators of Barefoot Caravan have manufactured a new line of caravans that promise to be aerodynamic, spacious and most of all luxurious.  Cathy Chamberlain, Mike Williams, and Ben Matthews designed a caravan that provides a place to sleep, live, shower, and eat all in a stylish package.


The caravans at Barefoot Caravan contain comforts such as stylish kitchens and wall units with oak counter tops, modern style fixtures and appliances, as well as heating and hot water systems that can work from gas or electric. The caravans also contain an onboard water tank, lots of lighting, luxurious seating, ample storage, and a surprisingly lovely bathroom with a Dometic cassette toilet, and full working shower.

Barefoot-caravan-6 Barefoot-caravan-9

What is particularly great about a Barefoot caravan is that they can be customized. Caravans start at £21,950 and are made to your specifications. Bespoke caravans offer a unique combination of amenities in custom colours and patterns. The colours for the body come in three choices including duck egg blue, Cotswold cream, and graphite grey, but the company also offers to match other custom colours for people with more specific style needs. The interiors are also all customizable and Barefoot offers a large selection of colours and styles for your needs.

Barefoot-caravan-3 Barefoot-caravan-8 Barefoot-caravan-10 Barefoot-caravan-11The conventional caravan can often be large, unsightly, and bulky on the outside and cramped and uncomfortable on the inside, but Barefoot promises a stylish caravan both inside and out. It is very rare to find a caravan manufacturer that is focused on both style and functionality, but Barefoot makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice luxury while you’re vacationing. Barefoot-caravan-1 Barefoot-caravan-4 Barefoot-caravan-143Photos courtesy of Barefoot Caravans


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