The Dragonfly tiny house boasts a unique pull-out stair with built-in storage

The Canadian company Robinson Residential creates some really interesting house plans and the tiny house “Dragonfly” is their contemporary take on the tiny house movement. It features a design that could comfortably sleep three people and is suitable for entertaining.

The Dragonfly-20 is twenty feet in length and eight foot four inches wide, with a total square footage of 159 sq ft.  The structure is built on a flat deck trailer, and the overall dimensions make it road legal for easy transportation. Robinson Residential also offer 24’ and 28’ long versions, which include more space and some additional features.

The Dragonfly has an abundance of large windows and two skylights on the roof to bring in natural light and make it feel more open. It also has a very cool and unique pull-out stair case with built-in storage.

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-2Double patio doors and fold down deck on each side

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-8Compact kitchen with small appliances

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-9Now you see it, now you don’t. A unique pull-out stair with built-in storage leads to the loft area

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-4Pull out sofa bed with built in storage on either side

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-3A pull out table for dining

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-11The dining table can also be used as a desk

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-5The sofa bed can be used for overnight guests

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-12A propane fireplace

robinson-residential-dragonfly-20-tiny-house-10The bathroom with shower, toilet, and small sink

Take a video tourPhotos (C) courtesy of Robinson Residential