The poetic Dandelight is made from real dandelions

The name Dandelight says it all: it is a little light made from a real dandelion by Studio Drift. Actual dandelion seeds are attached one by one to a LED, creating a light-emitting dandelion growing out of it’s energy source. A little copper stem connects the LED to a battery, which is visibly integrated into the design and not hidden away as usual. Each piece is handmade and therefore different, but they are quite obtainable – as a delightful little night light reminding us of our ongoing evolution.

dandelight-2Dandelions can be found almost anywhere on the earth, from pristine meadows to industrialized area’s – they even flourish on the side of the most heavily trafficked highways. Most adults don’t pay special attention to these flowers; they are generally seen as weeds. However, dandelions are historically prized for their medicinal properties, and who takes the time to look closely will notice the inimitable aesthetic of its parachute ball. The Dandelight is as simple as it is beautiful.

dandelight-1Price: $100. Find it here


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