The tiny house “Vista” draws the outdoors in

ESCAPE Home, takes efficient tiny living to the next level with the debut of ESCAPE Vista – a 160-square foot tiny house with panoramic windows that draw the outdoors in.

Easily transported via its own trailer, ESCAPE Vista’s stylish, open design makes it ideal for singles or couples who want their own private space, a perfect guest house, Airbnb or rental, or weekend getaway to the beach, mountains or just down the street.


“We call them ‘Personal Homes’ because, like the personal computer and personal desk assistant, these are truly personal spaces designed to be adaptable to each person’s individual needs,” says ESCAPE Homes founder, Dan Dobrowolski.


“ESCAPE Vista is open, flowing, both very private but completely connected to nature” says Kelly Davis, the ESCAPE Homes award winning architect and designer.  “It is specifically designed to let you escape the stresses that invade all of our lives.”

160202_Vista_323_LoWith a low slung, horizontal architecture featuring long panoramic windows, the Vista draws the outdoors in. Its exterior finishes of clear cedar and CorTen steel with unique fenestration allow it to blend perfectly in its natural surroundings.


Aspen, maple or pine wood create an interior finish that is intentionally smooth, quiet, calming and natural.  Energy efficient high-tech insulation minimizes harsh weather conditions and lowE, thermopane windows allow you to capture the sounds of nature while open or enjoy complete tranquility when closed. And, windows can be frosted to allow for privacy while also letting light in..

160202_Vista_339_Lo160202_Vista_387_LoStandard ESCAPE Vista features include a full daybed/sleeping area, small kitchen, bathroom with full shower, custom, all wood work/dining table, and multiple, large storage areas.
160202_Vista_342_LoThe ESCAPE Vista is hand-built in America by carpenters and blends the best characteristics of a tiny home and RV.

160202_Vista_348_Lo 160202_Vista_354For techies, USB outlets are featured and options include a unique pop-up TV, A/C, stone countertops, various wood interiors and much more. 160202_Vista_359_Lo 160202_Vista_375_Lovis 160202_Vista_406_LoAt just 6500 pounds and 20’ long, ESCAPE Vista can go anywhere and Off Grid options, including solar power and composting toilets, are available. Introductory pricing starts at $39,900.