This 118 ft2 small Norwegian ski cabin comfortably accommodates a family of four.

Posted by Assia Awad

When the Norwegian couple, Bendik Manum and Annelise Bjerkan, designed their beautiful rustic cabin, located in Trollheimen Meldal, Norway, the goal was to create a simple and maintenance free getaway. The result then is a functional and minimalistic retreat which retains its air of comfort and convenience.     

The cabin is only 118 ft2/ 11.5 m2 but despite its small size the furnishings include a double bed, two bunk beds for kids, a dining table with chairs along with a bench which can also serve as a guest bed. The cabin doesn’t have electricity or solar panels and water is collected in a nearby stream.  The composting toilet is placed in an outhouse close by.


All building materials are selected with environmental considerations being taken into account. The wood is all short-traveled pine, the roof is recycled slate and the couple has collected the moss that is used to fill the gaps between the logs themselves.© Photo: Pasi Aalto 


Beneath the double bed and the bench each family member has their one personal drawer. © Photo: Pasi Aalto 


The efficient wood stove heats the small cabin up very fast. © Photo: Pasi Aalto


A refrigerator or fridge is not really necessary when your cabin is placed in a Norwegian winter wonderland. © Photo: Pasi Aalto


The ceiling is fitted with a practical and space-saving clothes dryer. © Photo: Pasi Aalto


The bench can also serve as a guest bed. © Photo: Pasi Aalto


The cabin is equipped with a 65 ft2/ 5 m2 weather porch that serves a number of functions including a bath in the form of a basin and storage. © Photo: Pasi Aalto


Bendik Manum and Annelise Bjerkan are enjoying a peaceful moment in front of their beautiful cabin.  © Photo: Pasi Aalto

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