This bright 323 sq ft studio apartment looks triple its size.

Measuring 30 sq. meters/323 sq feet, this studio apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden uses a neutral colour palette and an abundance of storage to look triple its size. Warm rich floors give the room an open feel while a raised loft bedroom area makes sure no space goes unused. Minimal decorations help the homeowner keep the space open, and two large windows give the whole apartment plenty of natural light. 

storgatan-swedish-apartment-10Accessible via a wall ladder, the raised loft bedroom is perfectly sized for a queen bed, while downstairs a dresser and clothes area keep the bed area free of extra clutter.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-11Neutral linens paired with several shades of brown pillows keep the space from looking too sparse, while a reading lamp above the bed gives enough light to read. The open design of the loft bedroom lets the homeowner look out towards the opposite wall’s windows.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-19When standing in the kitchen, the loft bedroom is just out of sight, letting you see the natural flow of space from the kitchen to the living quarters. Minimal decorations on the walls immediately draw the eye upwards to the large raised ceilings. The wood trunk coffee table is a handy space to store blankets, remotes, and other objects out of sight for when company comes. It’s also an efficient ottoman.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-12The large industrial tripod-leg lamp pointed upwards draws attention to the high ceilings, while the mounted TV takes up little space and blends in with the rest of the room.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-8The neutral sofa and wood trunk coffee table reflect the colors of the kitchen space opposite the room, while a tripod-leg spotlight adds light when needed.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-1The living room and kitchen area contains minimal furniture with a drop-leaf table with two chairs. The table looks like it will sit four to six people comfortably when fully extended. A small table sits underneath the wall-mounted flatscreen TV to hold the homeowner’s wireless router. Wood shades reflect the wood grain on the floor.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-6A stacked refrigerator and freezer are a smart use of vertical space, while a strip of exposed brick up above adds a new texture to the space. The slightly-raised appliances keep the floors looking clean and remove the need to clean underneath them. The drop-leaf table features a pull-out drawer built into its design, providing a good place to store silverware and linens when entertaining. 

storgatan-swedish-apartment-4Square white subway tile forms an attractive backsplash in the kitchen area. The cabinetry features more than 10 spaces where all of the kitchen needs are stored easily, while the white dishes are viewable in the glass-front cabinets. Hardware is minimal with silver accents, while a butcher block countertop gives space for plants, vinegars and oils, and food prep. 

storgatan-swedish-apartment-5A double farmhouse-style sink holds multiple dishes, while the glass stovetop keeps the minimal theme throughout the kitchen area. A wall outlet lets the homeowner use those tucked away appliances when needed. 

storgatan-swedish-apartment-13The half wall between the living room and entry keep the bedroom from being viewed at the front door and also keeps you from stepping directly into the kitchen. 

storgatan-swedish-apartment-2Viewed from the doorway and with the minimalistic furniture, the apartment has the appearance of a much bigger space.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-14A dark brown tile flows into a rich warm wood welcoming you into the space. On the walls sit a large cabinet for gloves, hats and other outdoor accessories, while a set of hooks hold coats. A shoe rack holds boots and other footwear.

storgatan-swedish-apartment-3Brown tile in a mosaic pattern outline the shower, its shelves, and the adjacent vanity. The rest of the room is tiled in bright white, making it look clean while adding an attractive element. The wall-mounted showerhead is an efficient use of the space, and the wall-mounted shelves provide plenty of room for shampoo, soaps, and other items. A small but efficient vanity holds a deep sink.

Photos courtesy of SE360

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