This Danish house boasts creative and playful solutions

The Danish couple Louise and Jonas were part of a reality show called “Nybyggerne” (The Colonists) that aired on the Danish tv-channel TV2. Four couples had nine weeks to turn an unfinished house into their dream home. The winners got to keep the house. Louise and Jonas didn’t win, but I love the creativity and playfulness of their house, so even though the house isn’t exactly a shoebox, I’ll show some of the rooms anyway.  


Jonas made ​​the sofa using cheap OSB boards and foam blocks. The couple wanted the room to have a lot of different features. You can watch TV, read a good book or just enjoy the fireplace. The goal was a room where you want to spend a lot of time, whether you’re alone or with friends. 


That’s one foxy pillow. (Sorry)


The couple used a fireplace to connect the living room and the hangout room by cutting a hole in the wall between the two rooms and installing a double-sided cassette fire.  


The loft bed that’s made out of scaffolding tubes gives the room a raw industrial feel


Binging a bit of nature into the house


The couple chose to hang five small copper pendants over the dining table instead of one huge lamp. 


Is that a pond in the living room? Yes!


The bookcases are also made out of cheap OSB Boards


Nybyggerne-walk-in-hallway-1A non-traditional way to store shoes 

If you like Jonas and Louise’s style, you should pay Louise’s blog Pantone4c a visit.

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