This folding electric bike can fit into a backpack

The Beijing-based design-team “Impossible Technology” has created end folding bicycle, that’s compact enough to fit inside a backpack and lightweight enough to be easily transported anywhere.

To do so the designers decided on a brand new design: a frame built around circles instead of a single horizontal girder. In its current incarnation the bike named ”Impossible” can carry up to 85 kilograms/180 pounds In order to save space, the design team has combined the function of riding saddle and carrying case. While folded the carrying case keeps “Impossible” and its charger clean and ready for use wherever the user choose to store it. 


The disc motor of the bike is both lightweight and powerful. With ten 2,900mAh batteries the bike can travel up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes or at normal speed for up to 15.6 miles. One thing you can’t do on the “impossible” is pedal. The designers explain their reasons for not adding pedals:

“The main point of our bike is that it is light and small enough to be folded into your backpack. If we will add pedals or any other chain structure it will take more space and make it heavier. But we are making extra batteries which will be later available through our website as soon as we are fully funded. So you don’t have to worry about pedaling anymore. Plus you always can fold it into your backpack and walk to a close by coffee shop and recharge the battery within an hour and a half.”

The designers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the bike, and you can also preorder the bike from their Kickstarter Page. Prices start at approx. $389.00


You can fold and unfold Impossible in four easy steps  



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