This hallway does double duty as guest room. Yes, really!

Making your hallway serve double duty as a guest room may sound as a strange idea, but the Norwegian company “Ett rom til” that has specialized in clever space-saving solutions, shows here that it can be done. The small company recently created a multifunctional hallway with custom built wardrobes and a loft bed. hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-1A combination of bookcases and a step ladder lead up to the loft bed

hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-3 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-2 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-13hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-4 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-7 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-6 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-5 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-8The custom built wardrobes under the bed have plenty of storage

hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-10 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-11 hallway-with-built-in-guest-room-loft-bed-12Hidden storage under the bench

Photo by Ett rum til