This multifunctional sofa concept was designed for small spaces

Pandora is a multifunctional sofa system concept by design engineers Andreas Orpheas Makos and Manolis Stratis, created for studios with small space, with the purpose of converting the living-room by flexibly adapting to requirement, depending on the occasion, thus generating the most out of the available space. It has functions that serve four basic user needs; relaxation, entertainment, dining and studying, all integrated into one piece of furniture. It is comprised of a sofa/bed, cushions, three folding stools that can also function as footstools, a folding table, two roll-away benches and a drawer.

pandora-sofa-8The product acts as a sofa or single bed in its original state.

pandora-sofa-10To transform it from a single to a double bed, one simply pulls out the bed frame, lowers the bed leg and places the back row of cushions in the designed openings. 

pandora-sofa-1The user can also make use of the side cushions as pillows. To use the side benches, one simply pulls up and towards the seating to get them in position.

pandora-sofa-5 pandora-sofa-6To store the table, or bed sheets, one can pull out the drawer under the sofa and fold the table legs before placing it inside.

pandora-sofa-7MDF was chosen for the inner structure of the sofa, an inexpensive and also sustainable in production type of wood, with a low carbon footprint, making it suitable for mass production with a low cost, and thus affordable to users. The outside of the sofa is covered with curved veneer sheets to give a more premium look. Pandora won the Bronze A’ Design Award 2014-2015 

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    1. Jeryl May 26, 2015 at 6:04 am

      Neat product! Is it available in Singapore?


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