This restored vintage caravan went from cupcake truck to delightful holiday home

In a previous life, this caravan was the food truck for Katie Cupcake, serving up the delicious treats in Flagstaff, AZ, but today the camper is parked in Ginger and Lewis’ garden in the East Bay, Oakland, Ca., where it serves as a whimsical haven for weary travelers. The 1964 Kenskill camper has been fabulously restored and customized so guests can play “pretend camp” while enjoying the comforts of home. 


“The Muffin Mansion,” as the caravan is named, has a wonderfully quirky exterior.

vintage-glamping-caravan-5 vintage-glamping-caravan-6 vintage-glamping-caravan-7 vintage-glamping-caravan-8 vintage-glamping-caravan-9

The interior is rearranged the so it feels much more spacious than the traditional layout.

vintage-glamping-caravan-10 vintage-glamping-caravan-11

All greywater (sinks and shower) are filtered through a composting worm bin and the water recycled into the garden.

vintage-glamping-caravan-12 vintage-glamping-caravan-13 vintage-glamping-caravan-14 vintage-glamping-caravan-15

 A full bathroom with a proper flush toilet, sink, and small separate shower.


If you would like book this little gem or just learn more about the caravan you can do so here

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