This small innovative kitchen is a compact substitute for the classic kitchen

The award winning pop-up kitchen PIA by Dizzconcept is primarily designed for small apartments, tourist rentals and offices. It is a unique type of furniture in form of a well designed cabinet which transforms into a fully functional kitchen. PIA’s pop up design ensures that in a matter of the few seconds it takes to open its doors it can provide a well equipped ready-to-go kitchen with everything you need within reach.  


Work top is 180 cm long with integrated sink, faucet and cooktop. Base arrangement includes dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet, base cabinet with a shelf and drawer and a built-in refrigerator. Upper cabinets include fully integrated hood, LED lighting and electricity sockets as well as open shelves for placing a free standing microwave oven. Doors, 15 cm in depth, can stock a lot of dishes, utensils, bottles and groceries.     


PIA measures 185 cm in width, 81 cm in depth and 195 cm in height. It occupies a mere 1.6 m2 which can save an average of 5 m2 in a typical apartment.   

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