This small Parisian Studio apartment is packed with great storage solutions

Coming in at a modest 474ft2 or 44m2, this space combines contemporary style with clean lines to create an eclectic yet sophisticated Parisian apartment. French architect Cyril Rheims designed this apartment using space-saving measures to make a big impact in a small space.

cyril-rheims-apartment-1The use of minimalistic design combined with bright splashes of orange against an otherwise neutral background makes this small sized apartment feel much larger than it really is

cyril-rheims-apartment-2Using a contrasting blue for the kitchen floor helps to visually partition the room and make it distinct from the living and dining areas. The simple, light coloured curtains also allow a lot of natural light into the room lending to a light and airy feel.

cyril-rheims-apartment-3This darkly coloured media centre is surrounded by stark white cabinetry, which creates a visual illusion. Far from messy, this area looks minimalistic even when it is being used to display electronics and unsightly wires.

cyril-rheims-apartment-4Multi-use areas are crucial in smaller sized living spaces, so combining the media centre and office area is a great space saving trick. The surrounding cabinets also provide a sleek and streamlined solution for storage, allowing the resident to keep any clutter behind closed doors.

cyril-rheims-apartment-5This kitchen and dining area achieves its clean and contemporary look by using minimalistic furniture designs. Moulded plastic dowel-leg chairs provide seating for two, but the versatility of this space makes it easy to make room for guests. The bench next to the table allows for both storage and extra seating.

cyril-rheims-apartment-6This entryway and storage area makes use of combined open and closed storage solutions to provide ease of access for frequently used items, while maintaining an organized appearance.

cyril-rheims-apartment-7Similar to the dark, receded shelving that houses electronics in the main room, the same technique has been employed in the entryway for the appearance of minimalistic and clutter-free open storage.

cyril-rheims-apartment-9A blue and white hall and doorway creates a cool toned colour scheme that contrasts against the warm toned main living space, creating visual interest and appeal.

cyril-rheims-apartment-10The use of matte-finish greys and whites make the shiny orange toned flooring pop, and help achieve a vivid and bright look for this apartment. The mood is fun and fresh rather than dull, which can be a risk with matte greys.

cyril-rheims-apartment-11For the flooring, eclectic mismatched tile patterns are deliberately chosen in the same colour family to add a bit of visual interest without being overwhelming. The quirky patterns help lend to the contemporary feel for this living space.


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