This small studio apartment alternates as a wooden sculpture

The creative duo Mattia Paco Rizzi and Jessica Bergstein-Collay, from the design studio Fabbricabois, like to do things a bit differently. So when they redesigned a small Parisian studio apartment, they didn’t just make a functional living space – in the process they also created a geometric wooden sculpture. Quite beautiful, don’t you think? 

mezzacabane-small-apartment-1 mezzacabane-small-apartment-2 mezzacabane-small-apartment-3 mezzacabane-small-apartment-4 mezzacabane-small-apartment-5 mezzacabane-small-apartment-6 mezzacabane-small-apartment-7

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    1. Victor April 17, 2015 at 4:39 pm

      I live in as very small condo, where can I get help, a handy man know how to to build an Micro living enviroment for me in Toronto?


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