This tiny house can be assembled in a day and only costs $1,200 in materials

The architect behind Pinup Houses, Joshua Woodsman, has designed a prefabricated experimental pin-up tiny house, which he calls „France.“ The tiny house consists of 21 insulated pannels. The separated pannels are connected together with threaded rods, so the house can be assembled and reassembled easily in just one day. The material cost was $1,200.11315The tiny house is made up of three main spaces. The blue space is for sleeping and is divided by a multifunctional partition, which simultaneously serves as shelves and an entrance to the bedroom. Psychologically, the color blue is the most suitable for a good night´s sleep. The white-colored space serves as the day zone with multifunctional seats and a table. While the wood-burning stove and kitchenette are approprately found in the red space. There is no bathroom in the house, so if nature’s calling, you might have to do your business in nature..

3 4 8 9The prefab tiny house is a prototype which is part of Joshua Woodsman‘s ongoing research into the feasibility of mass-produced prefabricated tiny houses. The concept is based on his long-term experience with tiny house construction, creating easy to follow plans and books for DIY constructors.

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