This tiny studio apartment doesn’t skimp on style

It’s hard to believe that this fresh and contemporary home designed by Zukkini measures a tiny 269 ft2, or 25 m2. This small home makes use of innovative space saving measures in order to create a beautiful, and functional living space.

tiny-russian-apartment-1The effective colour palette and great use of space makes this apartment feel open and airy. This particular apartment makes great use of using furniture to draw lines within an open space to create smaller “rooms” where there are none.  For example, the headboard and shelf attached to this day bed carves out a cosy sleeping and reading space.

tiny-russian-apartment-2The relaxing, open feel of this apartment is emphasized by the great use of natural light. Sheer and light coloured curtains let ample light in through the large windows, while the additional adjustable overhead lighting also allows the occupant to brighten up specific areas of the apartment.

tiny-russian-apartment-3When making effective use of a small space, multi-purpose furniture can allow rooms to do double duty. In this room, the use of a cushy love seat behind the dining table allows this dining room to double as a cosy seating area for guests when entertaining. Folding chairs can also allow for extra seating when needed, but be hidden out of sight when no longer required.

tiny-russian-apartment-4This long, thin day bed fits perfectly in this space and can function as a reading nook, a sleeping space, or extra seating for guests if necessary. Choosing furniture that is the right size for an apartment prevents a small space from being overwhelmed by needlessly bulky pieces. It also creates clean lines that make the room appear bigger than it really is.

tiny-russian-apartment-7Placing too many competing colours in a small space can lead to a hectic, or overwhelming look. However, adding strategic pops of green against neutral greys, whites, and beiges is eye-catching and adds visual appeal to this apartment.

tiny-russian-apartment-8You don’t have to sacrifice a decent sized TV in a small space, just remember that your television doesn’t need to be the focal point of the room.  This TV can be viewed from the couch, but can be ignored when seating is rearranged and the room is being used for dining or conversation.

tiny-russian-apartment-9This contemporary kitchen makes great use of clean, horizontal lines to rounds out the fresh look of this apartment. The subway tile in white also keeps the colour scheme primarily monochrome but adds just enough texture to provide visual appeal, while the mural over the sink and counter top provides a touch of flare and personality.

tiny-russian-apartment-12 The eclectic mismatched tile patterns are used in the kitchen as well as in the hallway.

tiny-russian-apartment-13A small wooden console is used for shoe storage.